Announcing Free Hosting for Developers

Dec 16

Dear Developers,

The good news is here!

txtBrowser is announcing free web hosting to developers who are interested to host their apps with us.  However, similar to everything in this world it comes with its terms and conditions :)

  1. Developers need to write a mail to stating why they should be given free hosting in atleast 250 words
  2. To begin with, developers will need to have atleast 3 apps that will launch within 7 days after you receive the hosting account
  3. Developers will have to host a minimum of 5 new approved applications every month to keep the hosting alive
  4. Developers can use this hosting account for only txtbrowser related hosting. Any account found hosting any other content will be deleted immediately and the developer will be banned from txtbrowser.

When the above conditions are met, you receive a hosting account on your registered email ID

Happy txting!

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