Auto review app

Jul 17

We are super happy to announce an exceptionally innovative & useful app been developed on txtBrowser platform.

The functionality of this app addresses a very critical day to day issue & enables the user to curb the menace that takes place every day between a commuter & an auto rickshaw driver! This is an issue that we all face day in and day out, right? Sometimes it’s a good experience but unfortunately mostly it turns out to be a bad one. Some common issues during your travel in an auto rickshaw is harsh driving, rude driver, charging without meter, smoking while driving, still having old meters installed, etc. etc.

So, to make our user’s life a little easier, we thought of coming out with this app (currently operates in Bangalore only) where before boarding an auto you just search for ‘auto review <auto number>’ & we give a feedback about that particular auto based on the other user’s experience that they might have reported in past. Makes life much easier, isn’t it?

So, to avoid some trouble that you might get into, we always advise to cross check with us first & then decide whether boarding that auto is wise or not. Also, there might be instances that the auto no. you look for doesn’t exist in our database, that might happen so as none of the travelers would have met any exceptional experience with that auto in past, neither good nor bad! Which isn’t that bad in a way?

Try this awesome app now! txtBrowser wishes you a safe & happy travel in Bangalore.

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