Introducing Links – Interactive apps on txtBrowser

Nov 13

txtBrowser now allows developers to build interactive apps by including links in the output of their application. All that you need to do is to mention the link name and the URL that needs to be called. txtBrowser handles the numbering of links.


HTML Output:

This is a txtbrowser sample app
<a href="">a</a>
<a href="">b</a>
<a href="">c</a>


XML Output:

<data>Hi this is txtbrowser sample app</data>
<option title=”a” url=”″/>
<option title=”b” url=”″/>
<option title=”c” url=”″/>


JSON Output:

 "data": "This is a txtbrowser sample app",
 "options": [{
 "title": "a",
 "url": ""
 "title": "b",
 "url": ""
 "title": "c",
 "url": ""


txtBrowser Users output

For the code above, txtbrowser will show the output as given below

This is a txtbrowser sample app
OPTIONS: (For eg: Reply 1 for a)
1. a
2. b
3. c


The numbering and options will be automatically included in the users output. This helps in having a better user experience.

So, let the apps start rolling.

Happy txting!


  1. Thanks for fixing this on txtbrowser. Please Allow non-txt content for apps.. This is my humble request. And Avoid Approval system.

    • Blog Admin /

      Hi Iranna,

      Non-txt content is now allowed as mentioned in the blog post. Please understand that txtBrowser takes the quality of apps on the platform very seriously and hence the approval system will always exist.

      Thank you for understanding.

  2. K. Admin But why you not included php,python,mysql output as in txtbrowser blog?

  3. What’s txtbrowser Sample Code for PHP script. Let us tell

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